Our progressive approach has allowed us to continuously expand our footprint, acquiring new businesses and building the future smartly, one step at a time.

Lootah Real Estate Development has acted as the pioneering real estate development arm of Lootah Holding, since its inception five decades ago. Through a culture of excellence and an unswerving commitment to provide the very highest standards of housing, Lootah Holding’s employees have not only achieved, but exceeded, the most ambitious goals.


Headquartered in Dubai, Lootah Capital team offers clients innovative product and structuring advice with a focus on the Islamic debt capital markets.

Established in 2014 in Dubai, LBS Contracting LLC manages and oversees a wide variety of stellar construction projects across the UAE, including apartment and town house, complexes, villas, warehouses, etc.


Established in 2008, Souq Extra LLC sources, plans, designs, finances, structures, and delivers community retail and mixed-use projects across the UAE.


Established in 2005, Centre Point Logistics (CPL) offers asset-based innovative and proactive solutions to local and international third-party logistics providers (3PLs) , adding value to Dubai's competitive position in the global logistics sector. The company’s support services include warehousing, transportation, technical and skilled labor, equipment, and operations management.


Tech Falcon is a fast-growing provider of cloud-ready intelligent business applications and AI-driven automation & analytics services delivered through the Microsoft ecosystem. Tech Falcon's focus industries include manufacturing, projects, distribution, public sector, real estate and facility management. Headquartered in Dubai, Tech Falcon is aggressively pursuing regional and global expansion.


Established in 1970, Al Islami has become a trusted name catering to millions of consumers through a wide range of food products across the UAE and the Gulf. By ensuring supervision on all meat products imported into the UAE, Al Islami continues to set the quality benchmark in the high quality halal food industry.


The 2017 joint venture between Lootah Holding and Batta Technologies, has given new beginning to Lootah Batta Water and Environment which aims at providing sustainable comprehensive solutions and advanced products in various water and environmental areas. NEW START Reinforcing the UAE's position as a leader in environmental management and sustainability.


Tri-C, The Medical Training & Innovation Hub, will be a centre for continuous professional development for health care practitioners across all medical disciplines.

The centre is innovating in terms of the delivery of courses and a hub bringing together the medical community. With the links to key global leaders in medical education, it brings the courses to the UAE, reducing the need to travel so far to attend them. The training hub will also reach out to schools, patients and families to educate the young and support patients and families.


Lootah Healthcare Solutions delivers high quality health solutions to ensure the protection of businesses and individuals alike. We are driven to ensure all communities can live and prosper in a health-conscious and safe manner. Our wide range of products cater to all and include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanitizing and disinfecting products, thermometers, thermal scanners and complete sanitization gates.


Acanto Comunicazione is a team of communications professionals with 29 years of experience and more then 1000 brands they work with. They share spaces, ideas and experiences because they believe in the power of team working. They are a strategic partner to whom you can entrust the communication of your brand.


Atlantic Bridge Holdings is the forward based holding company for Lootah Holdings for investement opportunities in North and South America and Europe. It looks for opportunites that either complimnent existing Lootah companies or provides new opportunies in emerging technologies or financial services.