We are a diversified conglomerate dedicated to building a brighter future

As a multifaceted holding company, we proudly oversee and nurture a portfolio of entities that excel in various sectors, each contributing to our overarching vision of progress and growth.


Lootah Real Estate Development (LRED)

“Inspiring your future”

For nearly two decades, LRED has been able to establish itself as a leading property developer across the UAE. Thanks to its high-quality properties and family-friendly communities it continues to be a good choice of many UAE residents. Through a culture of excellence and an unswerving commitment to provide the utmost standard of living, LRED has managed to successfully deliver over 90 buildings and 1,500 units in key locations of Dubai for over a decade.

Lootah Engineering and Construction (LEC)

”Crafting Quality, Delivering Precision”

(LEC) established in 2014 as a general contracting company, has recently embarked on a journey to further develop and enhance its capabilities to grow into a multi-disciplinary contractor delivering projects to the highest standards of safety and quality.

LEC manages and oversees a wide variety of stellar construction projects across Dubai, including residential buildings, cluster villas, industrial parks, warehouses and commercial and retail projects. 

SSL Homes Interior Design

“Elevate Your Space, Elevate Your Life”

Over the past 16 years, SSL Homes Interior Design has established an excellent reputation for creating masterpieces work with unique luxurious interiors in which beauty meets functionality, creating comfort spaces.  

SSL Homes believes that clients deserve the smartest solutions. and offers an unbeatable combination of flexibility, durability, and affordability with zero compromise on high-end quality.

Centre Point Logistics (CPL)

”Realizing Possibilities, Delivering Solutions”

Centre Point Logistics (CPL), established in 2005, is a logistic supply chain company offering services in the global logistics sector through asset based innovative and proactive solutions. CPL provides end to end logistic and project solutions to its customers, located in the UAE and Oman, including integrated logistics services such as warehouse and open yard storage, custom clearance, transportation, technical support and distribution of cargo by sea, land and air.  


Tech Falcon Software Solutions

“Seamless Integration of Design and Technology”

Tech Falcon is a fast-growing digital transformation partner in UAE, providing industry-specific, cloud-ready business applications, AI-driven automation and data analytics services. Its technology solutions help organizations to reduce operating costs, improve supply chain management, and optimize cash flows. Cloud computing has changed the IT landscape over the last few years and Tech Falcon’s cloud services include everything from consulting, infrastructure, applications, analytics, and automation. 

Lootah Facility Management (LFM)

“Managing Facilities, Enhancing Experiences”

LFM specialize in Facility Management solutions that go beyond maintenance; we provide an environment where your business can thrive. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that your facilities are not just well-maintained but optimized for peak performance.


Lootah Holding is a diversified holding company that oversees a group of subsidiary companies operating in various sectors, including real estate development, engineering and construction, logistics, technology, facilities management, and interior design. We provide strategic direction, support, and shared resources to these entities to help them thrive and grow.

Certainly! We have several subsidiary companies specializing in different areas:

  • LRED: Focuses on developing and managing residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
  • Lootah Engineering& construction: Offers engineering and construction services for various projects.
  • LFM: Specializes in facility maintenance and management.
  • SSL Homes: Offers creative interior design solutions.
  • CPL: Provides comprehensive logistics and supply chain solutions.
  • Tech Falcon: Innovates and develops cutting-edge technology solutions.

Each subsidiary company operates independently and has its own contact information. You can find contact details for each company on their respective page Here.

Yes, a holding company can have subsidiaries in diverse industries, allowing for flexibility in business investments and portfolio management.

We are committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility across all our subsidiary companies. Each entity adheres to its industry-specific best practices and environmental standards to minimize our impact on the environment and contribute positively to the communities in which we operate. aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

We respect the individuality of each subsidiary company and encourage them to maintain their unique identity, culture, and expertise. We provide strategic guidance and support while allowing each company to operate autonomously within its respective industry.

Yes, we often have job openings and career opportunities across our subsidiary companies. We encourage you to visit the respective careers sections on our subsidiary company websites for current job listings and application instructions.

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